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제목 Order
작성자 W3AR (ip:)
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  • 작성일 2020-11-10 11:10:50
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[ Original Message ]


I was order an items from your website from last week.

I paid money but the status on my page is still not pay yet.

Please check it out.



I'm sorry that your deposit was not confirmed immediately

We are not using one of the two banks
The payment confirmation was delayed because it was sent there.

I'm really sorry

The order without a bankbook was automatically canceled after more than a week.
So I'm sorry to try to reward you

-Woollini leggings
-Air wear lifting leggings
-Frosted leggings

Add the product you want from the three above
Will you order again with the original order?

Then I'll send you right away.

I'm so sorry and thank you

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